Lo-oks Good!

The deep understanding of raw materials and the knowledge of the finest working techniques developed during the years allowed us to design, patent and produce a new consumer product as our O-OK eyeglass hang-up, diversifying and expanding our traditional product range.

The wearable O-OK eyeglass hang-up is the perfect solution to guard ones glasses and have them always at hand. Compared to traditional chains, O-OK:

  • is more comfortable and pleasant to wear;
  • is more attractive with its fascinating look;
  • does not jingle when in contact with the frame;
  • does not scratch the frame.

Our eyeglass hang-up is entirely made of hypo-allergenic silicone which doesn’t cause any allergic reaction when in contact with the skin, even in extreme sweating situation.

O-OK is suitable for any frame: to further enlarge the size, for even larger frames, the cone can be cut following one of three lines as necessary. It is available in different colours which allows trendy and fashionable combinations with ones clothes.

It can be used:

  • At shirt’s button. The discrete solution, suitable for any look.
  • Worn, using the included necklace of adjustable lenght.
  • In the car. Simply fix it to the vent air outlet on the dashboard.


From eyeglass hang-up to eyeglasses was just a short step.

TI.EMME.TI is today actually able to offer a wide range of O-OK branded products, which goes from our entirely Made in Italy eyeglass hang-up to a wide selection of trendy, elegant and innovative reading-glasses, sunglasses and frames, all produced in compliance with EU regulations.

But our creativity has no boundaries…

… That’s how we came up with a new patent: the original O-OK optical frame with integrated eyeglass hang-up, which allows to hang your glasses at shirt’s button thanks to an o-ring applied directly to the temple.

All our frames are realized in TR90/ULTEM, an hypo-allergenic and innovative thermoplastic synthetic resin, used in aerospace applications, with unique traits:

  • excellent flexibility and ability to preserve the original shape after continuous stress;
  • heat, UV and chemical resistance;
  • extreme lightness.