The quick steam connection patented by TI.EMME.TI is used to connect in a quicker and safer way an electric iron or a multi-functional spiral tube to a steam generator.

Our quick connection system is compact, easy to assemble, safe and economical. It can be use either in OEM products or mounted on existing steam generators, turning a traditional steam boiler into a fully functional appliance, that can be used both as an ironing system and a device for steam cleaning.


This original system can be easily integrated with first installations by creating a suitable housing. There will be then the opportunity of having two functions, ironing and steam cleaning, in a single device.

The minimum size and the high efficiency allow to elegantly integrate the plug in the boiler without altering the product’s design.


This product is perfect also for aftersale services, because permits to turn, with a little upgrade, any ironing system into a fully functional appliance for ironing and house cleaning.

With the simple installation of a specific kit, made of a small junction box, one can offer his customers an extra appliance, preventing them to purchase a new steam generator just for cleaning purpose.

Moreover, the spiral tube comes with several accessories, such as:

  • steam nozzle;
  • small red and yellow brushes for bathroom fittings;
  • small brush for flooring;
  • brushes for glasses and floors;
  • cloth for rectangular brush.