TI.EMME.TI wants to be a reference point in the small appliances market and an important player in the field of ironing and steam cleaning, producing rubber and silicone technical articles, steam hoses and textile cables.

Starting from its core values, such as:

  • High quality of products

  • Excellence in service and customer care

  • Honesty and openness with clients, suppliers and employees

  • Respect for the environment and compliance with regulations and safety legislation

In the next years TI.EMME.TI aims to diversify its production, taking its first steps in the field of lighting and in the automotive aftermarket, thanks to its established willing to innovate.


Conquering a leadership in new markets and reinforcing our position in the steam industry requires new human and financial resources to sustain the growth.

Our strategic guidelines are:

  • Human resources

    Hiring new collaborators, both direct and indirect, to reinforce the commercial department.

  • Research & Development

    Sustaining investment in research to create new patentable and innovative products.

  • Communication

    Developing our communicative power through the renovation of the company website and the update of O-OK web page. The aim is to manage our e-commerce directly creating a portal to sell all new products to come.

  • Quality

    Complying with the new quality system certification ISO 9001:2015.

  • Growth

    Conquering new markets through company takeovers.